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The sales process

Once you’ve received an acceptable offer and a sale is agreed, the sales process gets underway and you’ll be pleased that you have us on your side. We’ll be with you every step of the way, using our knowledge, experience and skill to guide you and do everything we can to bring your sale to a satisfactory and speedy conclusion.

Firstly, we commit to getting you the best possible buyer. Your buyer is a very important person in your property sale. We take great care to ensure that your buyer is in a strong position, is diligent, willing and able to complete the purchase. Our proactive and hands-on service means we’ll talk to everyone involved in the process from solicitors to other agents. We’ll also carry out a scope of the chain, both up and down, and monitor the whole process closely from offer through to completion. Most importantly, we’ll report every development back to you.

This is where our demonstrable experience comes into play. We really understand the process, so instinctively know what should happen in a chain and when. We know if something is taking too long, or there are warning signs that trouble lies ahead. We’ll be with you at every stage of the process.

Nicola and Victoria are our dedicated Sales Progressors, assigned to you from the outset of the sale being agreed. Nicola or Victoria will be a constant throughout the entire process with no need to re-explain your circumstances to whoever answers the phone. And every sale is ultimately overseen by Adam or Mark to ensure that you’re kept on track.

We’re happy to recommend a trusted legal advisor should you require this. We’ll also suggest that you speak to our choice of independent financial advisor about your mortgage, if you haven’t done so already, to make sure you have the best deal for your circumstances.