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Preparing your home

Prepare your home

You want to get the highest possible price for your property, so it’s a wise investment of time (and sometimes a small financial outlay too) to prepare your home and portray it in the best possible light. We are always happy to offer advice and even recommend trades people, decorators and other experts if you need a helping hand. Here’s our list of top tips on how to maximise a property to its best effect.

Neutralise your décor

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice and we can’t overstress this. Your objective is to sell your home, so sentimentality has to go out the window. Take a close look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer.
Dispense with that striking red bathroom; declutter that ‘lived in’ study.
Neutral colours are key - you may find white walls boring but, believe us, they sell. A coat of neutral coloured paint on every wall in a property can make an enormous difference to its look and create a fresh feeling.
Don’t forget flooring - if carpets are a crazy colour or have seen better days, replace them with an inexpensive neutral option, like beige or oatmeal. Alternatively, if the floorboards underneath are up to it, pull up the carpets and sand down the floors. Repair cracked tiles if you can.


Have a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering session and get rid of everything you haven’t used in the last year and really won’t use again. Consider putting things into storage temporarily. Be ruthless; detach yourself from your property and view it solely as a saleable commodity.
Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important rooms in your property and can make or break a deal. Both need to be clean and offer a hygienic atmosphere; doing this will greatly increase the chances of selling your property.
In the kitchen or bathroom, scrub everything clean. Re-paint cupboards and surfaces, fix that wonky toilet seat, replace mouldy sealant around baths and showers and banish unsightly limescale. Hide half empty shampoo and shower gel bottles and put new and stylish ones out on show.
With a little bit of elbow grease and not much outlay, you can transform your property into something much more saleable that appeals to a wider proportion of the buyers’ market.
A front garden and front of house provide the first and last impressions for potential buyers. Mow the lawn, cut the hedge, replace missing roof tiles, paint or clean the front door and rebuild a crumbling garden wall. Plenty of property viewers make their minds up in the first few seconds of seeing a property.

Face some home truths

It’s a great idea to ask an objective and honest person to walk around your property and give you a real view on how your property looks to others.
Be honest – if you were viewing your property for the first time, would you buy it? If not, why not?
Think to the future. Don’t be upset at changing around your property and getting rid of its ‘personality’. You’re looking to move on and your aim is to get it sold at the best price, within a reasonable time frame and with the minimum of fuss. By implementing some of the changes above, we promise a property will be infinitely more appealing to buyers.

Interior Design

We work in partnership with a local interior designer, who will be able to provide advice on all aspects of either staging a property for sale or furnishing and decorating a new home once purchased. Becci Oldman, the founder and owner of Hiltingbury Interiors, lives locally and has worked in all aspects of retail design and styling on a large scale in London and the south. In the residential market she has undertaken numerous property designs with a focus on attention to detail and budget. We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients this service and Becci can be contacted via her website

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The turn offs for people viewing property

We’ve suggested a few turn ons; it’s wise to consider these turn offs too!

  • Clutter - viewers don’t want to see a property that looks cramped and full of muddle. Clear floor space and store or sell everything you don’t really need.
  • Pets - you may be a dog or cat lover but your potential buyer may not be. Be sensitive to the fact that not everybody loves animals. Keep your pets under control and, where possible, store away your pet’s bowl and basket during viewings. Ensure the property smells fresh too!
  • Garish décor - a Moroccan melee or brightly coloured walls and swirly patterned carpet won’t appeal to many. Be brave - repaint and carpet in neutral tones to show your property at its best.
  • DIY disasters. A job badly or half done is worse than not doing the job at all. If you’re not an expert get the professionals in or else you could pay the price later on.
  • An unclean property - your buyers will expect your loos and sinks to be sparkling, your carpets vacuumed and a fresh atmosphere. Anything else is a big turn off.
  • You! Buyers will always feel awkward when walking around your property if you’re there as they’ll feel that they can’t be honest. Take a walk or visit some friends during a viewing, safe in the knowledge that we’re selling the best assets of your property.